COVID-19 or coronavirus disease has been the trending health ailment factor since December 2019 and several guidelines for health management and self-quarantine had been already issued by global organizations and respective government bodies. Owing to the situation several countries worldwide are still maintaining lockdown scenarios to keep up social distancing and healthcare has seen a boom in the domain of telehealth and teleconsultation. The coronavirus situation is booming every day and although some nations have started giving a slight slack to the restrictions, hefty necessary precautions are being taken for the safety of the passengers and service attendants. A crucial part of this safety involves the use of Personal Protective Equipment or PPE kits which are not only being used by medical personnel or healthcare workers but also used by industry workers and emergency travelers during the COVID-19 lockdown period. While the whole world is talking about the global requirement for PPE kits and how India is the second-largest manufacturer of the same at present, let us discuss the key advantages of PPE Kits and how it can help more people to be safe from chemical and bio-hazards at their workplaces.

Prevent injury from harmful chemical and biohazards

If you’re working as a caregiver or healthcare worker on the frontlines, or if you are working in any medical-related factories, it is important to wear full PPE, starting from coveralls to gloves. The same is also important for people working with chemical hazards as chemical spillage or leaking can cause dangerous health issues which can make people prone to COVID-19. PPE acts as a barrier between the skin and harmful biological substances in the form of protective clothing.

Reduce the risk of respiratory illness

Respiratory problems arising from inhaling gases or chemicals from contaminated air can be harmful and toxic for health. Upper respiratory tract infection has be readily associated with COVID-19 occurrence as the virus enters the system through respiratory tract cells via hACE2 molecular receptors. This issue is grave in recent times as damage to the respiratory tract can make people more susceptible to COVID-19. So, respirators are essential and that is what N95 masks with comfort breathing facilities provide. These respirators that come with advantages of PPE kits is to protect the lungs from both long-term and short-term respiratory illnesses.

Prevents physical injury

Foot covers and face shields along with coveralls help the workers prevent injuries by slipping off or while entering dangerous risky places. Aside from COVID-19 risk prevention, proper headgear and foot gears also protect workers in factories or underground sites.

Word of Caution

PPE kits are personal and non-reusable. If you are in a profession where you have to use PPE kits, please make sure your PPE is clean and secured to avoid issues like cross-contamination or getting infected.

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