COVID cases are on a rise with mutant strains cropping up all around. This brings about the requirement of more COVID testing and with more testing, comes more sample collection. Therefore, viral transport medium kits (VTM kits) are getting an increased production market. Specialized VTM kits for COVID-19 ensure aseptic collection and sustenance of the viral sample, by acting as the suitable viral transport system.

In the past, several types of transport media have been formulated including bacterial transport media, sucrose-based and broth-based media, sterile PBS, and E-MEM media. Aside from media, some swab-tube combinations should also be considered for efficiency and convenience.

VTM Composition by WHO and CDC

As per WHO and CDC, there are some guidelines and VTM kit specifications for encouraging more labs to prepare VTM. According to WHO, suitable VTM for collecting oral and nasal swab samples is prepared using the following reagents: 10g veal infusion broth & 2g BSA fraction in sterile distilled water (400 ml). 0.8 ml gentamicin sulfate solution (50 mg/ml) and 3.2 ml amphotericin B (250 µg/ml) are added to avoid contamination. According to CDC, VTM reagents can be HBSS with Ca and Mg ions, 2% heat-inactivated FBS, 100µg/ml Gentamicin sulfate, and 0.5µg/ml Amphotericin B. CDC recommends blood agar plate for sterility checks by checking microbial growth upon incubation.

The storage temperature depends on the time of storage. For an optimal 48-96 hours storage, sterile media should be stored at 2-8 degree C without freezing and for greater storage time, VTM vials can be stored at -20 degree C until used. Freeze-thaw cycles should be prevented at any cost.

VTM kit for COVID-19

AdvancellsTM VTM kit

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