Many workers think of work wears as being long-lasting but these disposable workwear are generally designed to be worn once. While these protective clothing is durable and provides high-quality protection against workplace hazards, they are not designed to be kept for long. Disposable workwear makes up a major part of the personal protective PPE Kit that includes disposable protective clothing, such as coveralls, shoe covers, hoods, over-sleeves, aprons, protective gown to provide safety in almost any working environment.

Brief on Major Disposable Workwear:

  • Disposable Coveralls – Disposable coveralls are suitable for providing protection in a wide range of work environments and are supplied in a wide range of sizes and appropriate fabric materials. 
  • Disposable Shoe Covers – A wide range of disposable shoe covers are available in various styles, sizes, and materials. They can also be used as boot covers to provide protection from chemical spillages and harmful slippery areas.
  • Disposable Hoods – Disposable hoods provide an added safety layer for the worker’s head and can be worn against hazardous chemicals or dust.
  • Disposable Over Sleeves – Disposable over sleeves are worn to provide protection to the worker’s lower arm and wrists against harmful chemicals and other hazards.
  • Disposable Gowns – Disposable Surgical Gowns are worn by the worker to provide protection in food, chemical, and clinic workplaces for safety and easy discard.
  • Disposable Aprons – Disposable aprons are suitable for a wide range of food, manufacturing, and industrial applications for first-hand safety protection against spillage.

Disposable PPE and the regulations

Workplace hazards might present themselves at very short notice or might be frequently based on the risk assessments and control measures by the safety management department at workplaces. Typical hazards at workplaces might include harmful aerosols, dust, chemical vapors, biological substances, chemical spillage, and mists that can cause mild or serious damage to the skin or clothing. With the assertive assurance of using a disposable personal protective in a workplace setting that requires safety for the employees, the dangers from hazardous risks can be well avoided to a certain extent.

Once the risk assessment by COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) is done, as sanctioned by the employer and safety management department, a major portion of avoiding hazards seems to be underway but still, the requirement for protective equipment persists in the setting for employees. The regulations surrounding personal protective equipment and the use of disposable coveralls state that the clothing given to an employer must provide optimum protection against workplace-specific hazards and be fit for use.

It is stated that personal protective equipment should be used in case of:

  • Setting up workplace hazard control measures after risk assessment.
  • An existing exposure risk even after risk assessment controls.
  • Emergency work or temporary factory hazard control failures.
  • Frequent short-term chemical or biological hazard exposure.
  • Heavy machinery and hazardous industrial workplace settings. 

How to choose disposable personal protective clothing?

Throughout global industries and healthcare clinics, where personal protective equipment is required to facilitate daily working and employee health & safety may be at risk, employers must provide this protective clothing service free of charge and ensure it is fit for specific work purposes. Besides providing safety clothing and other related protective kits, proper training should also be provided to the employees to ensure they are aware of the appropriate maintenance of the PPE Kits.

Some of the key considerations when ordering disposable workwear:

  • The type and levels of hazardous substance exposure.
  • The nature of the work carried out by the employees.
  • Specific worker requirements such as wearing safety goggles.
  • Choice of PPE coverall fabric such as fire-retardant materials.
  • Disposable PPE kits should be govt. certified and safe.

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