Personal protective equipment or PPE is associated with safety and protection of health and sanitation workers. So, let us understand the importance of personal protective equipment.

What is Personal Protective Equipment?

Personal Protective Equipment, with disposable body cover or disposable apron, has proven to be very crucial to prevent the spread of coronavirus and keep healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, and caregivers alike) safe and healthy.

According to the FDA, personal protective equipment works as a safety barrier between the body and hazards of mechanical, chemical and biological nature. Generally, types of personal protective equipment include Coveralls, Aprons, Surgical gowns, Shoe covers, Gloves, N95 Respirator masks, and Safety goggles. In order to be used in a factory or medical setting, the design and functioning of personal protection equipment is regulated specifically by government agencies as per strict guidelines and regulations.  FDA has also mentioned that in a medical setting, personal protective equipment has to be used along with other safety practices like hand-washing and using alcohol-based sanitizers, to minimize the hazard risk (like COVID-19 spread).

Personal Protective Equipment

Major Concerns over PPE in COVID-19 setting?

Even though telemedicine and telehealth consultations started managing patients worldwide due to COVID-19 risk, slowly the lockdown scenario is getting dissolved and clinics are opening up. It is not possible for doctors to maintain social distancing while treating COVID-19 patients and thus, it is very important to take up personal protective equipment for their own health concerns.

The major concern over personal protective equipment is the storage and availability. The lack of large global supply for personal protective equipment is not only due to the huge COVID-19 case numbers but also due to misinformation, stockpiling and buying out of panic. Another concern over personal protective equipment is the lack of awareness among employees. Due to the lack of proper training in office and industrial areas, the dos and donts of personal protective equipment is still an area filled with queries when it comes to proper worker safety from hazards.
Should Personal Protective Equipment be re-used?

Personal protective equipment is best regarded as personal and disposable. Using non-reusable or disposable Personal protective equipment avoids the risk of infection spread. Moreover, as mentioned by FDA, in general, the idea of washing and reusing the personal protective equipment is not recommended.

Owing to the current situation of COVID-19 with vaccines gaining prevalence (with associated risk factors under scrutiny), several disposable coverall manufacturers in India are working towards providing the best supplies to medical professionals along with approved government authority certifications and subsidized disposable coverall price in India.

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